Do you really wear your own pair of shoes?

Well, this may sound like a very awkward question, but you cannot deny the relevance of it. If you notice, you always wear shoes that just fit you or the pair that you like inside a showroom.  There isn’t much to talk about if you are into leather shoes, or formal shoes.

But how much creative you have been with your shoes lately with your casual shoes? A boot instead of sneakers? A bit of color? Branded shoes with just a logo? You surely know that fact that shoes is the first thing that comes to notice, supposedly a very significant finding. But you have not been able to do much about it.

Fair enough. This is not your mistake. While apparel and accessory designs have been hitting new high year after year, shoe designs have only found the feet of the revolution. It is only in the recent years you will find independent designers working solely on designing attractive, vibrant and thematic shoes.

You can very much own a pair that is based on your own interests. For example, if you are a movie buff, it is unlikely that you won’t like Godfather or Dark Knight. Why not wear a pair with Marlon Brando playing with his cat, or the Joker laughing out loud? Come to music. Have your favorite metal band playing good rhythms on your shoes. Do you like aliens? Ironman? Yes, you can certainly think of walking with them.

Customized shoe designs are in fashion. Main because of a pair of reasons. One, they are just so unique to your own style. And second, they are not going to burn your pocket. Yes, this is pretty much an economical affair. You can certainly think of having your own collection and be at peace with it!

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