Keeping the Spark Alive

Keeping the Spark Alive by Juhi Bansal

Say I Love Yous aloud-several times a day, dress up for each other, hold hands, smile, laugh, hug, steal kisses! 

I am often asked about my married life. Readers write in asking me questions about how K & I first met, who proposed, if we had a fairytale wedding etc etc.
It’s very funny how writing about your marriage makes you reminisce and you realize what a roller-coaster ride it has been. Right from our first meeting, to exchanging I Love Yous to the proposal to finally getting hitched. – it’s been more than 9 years of cat fights, laughter and bear hugs. Phew…
Keeping the Spark Alive by Juhi Bansal
It’s not always rosy. We have both ups than downs, but considering how different we are, the down, though not many, are very very steep. And overcoming them takes a lot of effort. But, we try to keep the spark alive. Always. Here are a few tips on how you can do it too.
Do Stuff Together. K & I have come to watching some TV Series together over the last few years. But, when one of us is travelling or generally busy, we never watch them without the other. It’s just one of our things. We love our Sunday Homeland and Castle Marathons.
Surprise Each Other. It easy to start taking each other for granted after a few years of togetherness.  Make sure you keep making efforts to make each other feel important. K loves to cook and whips up something fun in the kitchen every weekend. I do my share of surprise dinners, trips, movie dates etc.
Don’t Plan Everything. We don’t. I’ve forgotten the number of times we’ve taken a trip on an impulse and absolutely loved it. Even Iy doesn’t mind these impromptu escapades!
Keep the Spark Alive. Don’t become a DINS couple. It’s easy to keep postponing it to the weekend or a holiday but get experimental, take initiative and never say “we are too young for this”. You are not!
Me Time? We believe in giving time to each other. Meeting our own set of friends or sometimes just quietly reading a book or working on the laptop along-side each other. But, we never let each other be for more than a few hours. I commend the couples who go on individual solo-trips for days together. We’ve never managed to do it and neither one of us seems to mind it.
PDA is Understated. Say I Love Yous aloud-several times a day, dress up for each other, hold hands, smile, laugh, hug, steal kisses! BTW I do not mean PDA on social media. K abhors it!
Last weekend we dressed up for a grocery shopping date. Just another one of those things we like doing together. K & I are wearing these amazing shoes from Rivir.
By our guest Blogger Juhi Bansal
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